Identify, Protect & Manage

We thoroughly review your environment, assess your infrastructure, conduct penetration testing and consult on the most optimal & effective mechanism to lock out threats and keep your critical business information secure.
From intrusion detection and prevention to end-point security, encryption and application security services, Alpha IT has all aspect of Cloud and on-premises infrastructure security covered through our Identify, Protect & Manage strategy.


The threat landscape is changing constantly and even as new security protocols are developed and put in place, new threats designed to circumvent them arise. Alpha IT can detect these threats early & provide advanced threat detection, 24x7x365 security monitoring from our Sydney-based Security Operations Centre (SOC) as well as an advanced, analytics-based security information and event management (SIEM) solution.


Alpha IT will protect your infrastructure and your vital customer & business data from malicious hackers and malware. Next-Gen firewall management, web and mail filtering, application patching, identity management plus anti-virus and malware, and some of the layers of our robust defence network will keep your business safe from the perils of a cyber attack.


We provide proactive & comprehensive 24×7 managed security support services, hardware maintenance & security monitoring through to proactive detection and application security. With Alpha IT acting as an extension of your team we’ll be prepared to take on the latest cyber-attacks We offer
-SIEM Unified Security Management
-24×7 Security Event Monitoring & Response
-Full Support, Monitoring & Advisory Services
-Proactive 8×5/24×7 Managed Security